Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I decided to post something new since I am stuck at home because i have food poisoning from subway. Its fun let me tell you. We finished our finals, Stephen is done till august and me well i start up again next week.... oh well. But the good news is that my friend Jackie got me a job. Shes pretty cool that Jackie. I'll be working with the Utah Jazz and Utah bees with a catering company. Its the big 100,000 club. People pay 100,000 dollars to go there and eat food there before the game starts. Jackie actually got to serve President Uchtdorf. But my boss is very chill and i loves giving vaca for summer and is very understanding plus i get like a four dollar increase from working at Black Angus. The downside of it is that ill have very long days the day i work going to school at 7 and not getting home from the game till nine thirty. The biggest downside is on those days i won't see Stephen forever! So sad... but i only work every other week.

This past weekend it was fun being busy because the whole last week i was so bored not having a job and not being a school Stephen would leave early around 730 and not come back till 6. On Friday we got the chance to go to the Animal adoption huge event. They had hundreds of animals there. My family was volunteering so we got to see them. We loved some dogs and would of got a dog in a second but all the dogs we liked were pretty huge and we don't have a yard. Its so sad all the dogs and cats out there and people still do not fix there animals. But we will still look for a dog if not there is a chance that we will get a kitten. Stephen loves cats and i think kittens are pretty okay so we will see.

Saturday after we spent a while at the pet adoption we came home and decide to take out the fire place mantel. It looks so much better even though we have a scratched up wood piece that was underneath the mantel. The room looks bigger and we can't wait to finish it. We plan on doing a traditional sort of colonial themed mantel with a nice shelving unit on the side. Stephen is so handy. But now our t.v. doesn't really seem to fit in our room.... we might have to save up and do something about that!
That evening we got to go with Jackie to the Real Salt Lake Game vs. the LA Galaxy. So much fun. Real salt lake has such great fans and it has gotten me excited for when we go to Brazil and go to a crazy game. We were also excited to see David Beckham and Landon Donavon who were on LAs team. Beckham gets paid 50 million dollars a year which is more than salt lakes team and prob la's team combined. So we expected to see some fancy soccer. Well at the beginning of the game we were disappointed. It looked like he just was walking around... ya know nothing exciting. Real was up 2-0 and in a short amount of time David decided to do something. We saw two amazing goals shot by him. Literally it was bend it like Beckham goals. so at least he did that... still 50 million dollars? ehhh that seems like a lot.

We went to church and got a calling to help out a older man who has no family here. his closest family he has is in Florida. So we are excited to visit with him and to meet a new friend. He doesn't come to church cause he has a hard time moving with his diabetes. So hopefully since we live so close we can take him. We then got to go over to my parents for dinner it was fun hanging out with everyone.
Every one should be thankful for all of their many blessings. We wish everyone could serve others to see how blessed we are. If your ever a little off in life serving is just to way to fix it. Life is pretty fun.

here are some photos from Ben Folds concert which was so much fun we went to the week before! we even got to see my lovely friend annie wallin. And then there are some photos from the soccer game!

Us outside the Salt Air

We waited so long and got very sweaty since it was standing room only. The opening bands were great but just too long. It started at 7 and Ben Folds did not go on till 9 and played till 11.

We were very close to him it was a lot different than seeing him at Radio City in NYC. haha

This is my friend Annie from Jersey. I missed her.

I wanted a picture on the salt flats but it was a little to dark. Hopefully we will go back.

Real Salt Lake VS. L.A. Galaxy

David Beckham 23

Landon Donavon #10 He is my FAV

thats Beckham shooting a crazy goal. Both of his goals were awesome! The two goals from Real were also really cool and more a team effort if you know what i mean.

Jackie! this is a little bit more exciting than the soccer we played at BYU-I

i like him

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