Monday, July 7, 2008


After replacing our car battery which had exploded the day before and then getting new tires we finally took off to Sandpoint. We drove all night Tuesday. We were making great timing until a huge storms hit and the last 3 hours were pretty slow since we could not see in front of us but we made it. We had so much fun being with family and were sad to go but we had to get back to work. Here are some pictures... mostly of the kids cause well they are a lot cuter than us.

Here is our fun bike ride

Stephen out on the boat


Dianna and me ... she was so brave

the hardest part was getting back on

TRAMPOLINE was Katie and Noras favorite

Forth of July Parade

Fire works


"Uncle Stephen has Girl hair"

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Hank said...

Stephen would fit in pretty well with the people here in Harlem with his hair like that =)