Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take me out to the BEees game

Well this week for date night we went to a baseball game with our friends. It is kind of sad oh how bad the bees kill everyone. It was a fun game especially the ice cream. As you can all tell Rosie and I really enjoy going to sporting events or participating in them.


Nathan and Amy Romney said...

Um P.S. I'm a moron and realized you probably don't have any way to even GET your email addresses to me, so just in case you actually wanted to send them, here's MY email:

Nathan and Amy Romney said...

P.S. Stephen, I love that you post on the blog too. :) Nathan still hates that I even started one and refuses to participate, so hey, props to you! Way to be supportive.

Coon Family said...

So im commenting and I start out with DUDE you went to a yankee's game! because you know I saw the picture and just assumed. Mid sentence my brilliant wife lets me know it was a bee's game. I'm still really excited for you though I promise. We've been wanting to go for a long time. Also we have both been pretty busy but hopefully we can figure out a way to hang out with you guys. Also sorry for the extra long comment. I guess you really can't call it a comment, more of a short story.