Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So we are back. It seems like we have been gone forever... and neither of us really wanted to come back to anything but our king size bed. We have tons of pictures i tried to pick the best ones. It was amazing to go home to Jersey and visit friends and NYC to see friends and my sister Helen. Everything went pretty much perfect... no airline, car, etc problems that could kill a trips spirt. The food the people and the places were amazing and i miss all of it. Thank you all of you who took us in and played with us, it was righteous.

This bagel is amazing its from a place called Flanders right near my home, this is the first thing we did of our red eye

on our way to see some friends

friends from Long Valley

Good o L.V.

chester, When Bethany and Hannah came!

Stephens turtle and the Jersey Shore.....

bethany, hannah, and mines turtle... enough said

The first trip to the shore


Seinfield Diner ... one of our favorite shows

Mets Game


Staten Island Ferry

Pretty Sunset

Hannah on the Subway

Me and Bethany

Best Pizza in NYC ... so the world

The Group

You have no idea how good this was
Then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge ... amazing

Bethany and Hannah

Stephen is messy... best ice cream

Bethany and me

Parsons Sisters

Dalia Sisters

The Met

I went to China

Our Home

Random Church quote on a Random Harlem Store!

This guy was amazing... Hank and Stephen are going to learn how to do it

Stephen and I


best cheesecake ever....


OH yea...


oh boys


Mini Golf in Jersey

Hank and STacy hole in one ...on the same hole
On the way to Six flags in rained like mad craziness... which i love... but ya know metal roller coasters... and lighting.... you do the math... luckily it stopped right before we got there and we had a clear beautiful non crowded day.... Hank and stacy have not been on real roller coasters... so it was so fun taking them on the tallest roller coaster in the world.
rain.... ahh

King da Ka ... the big boy

Stacy was peeing her pants

Waiting in line

Stacy after the 458 ft drop going 128 mph. Don't worry she loved it esp the second time.



marian said...

Wow! It looks like so much FUN! We missed you while you were gone though, never leave again. BTW Rosie, Diana has named a stuffed animal after you - she's a nut, but she loves her Aunt Rosie

Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

where is that painting?? please tell me.