Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Where'd All the Good People Go?"

Last night we got the chance to go to a Jack Johnson Concert.... who is my favorite. We got there early and got the best lawn seats we could (we decide to spend 15 dollars less and sit on the lawn which i thought would be fun and chill). It got really crowded and this group of friends came and tried to sit in a small space between our blankets. So I figured I would be a nice person and there is plenty of grass to go around and move over and let them sit there. Jack started and he was amazing for sure he sounded better than his cds and i just wanted to go up and hug him but it was really hard hearing his amazingness over the obnoxious rude group that i let sit by us. If they weren't spilling beer or blowing smoke on us or starting a fight they were screamming words that no one should hear so loud it was hard to hear Jack. Now after a while of lots of complaints they still wouldn't stop. There were two cute pregnant women by us they asked them to stop smoking a million times cause 1. shes prego and 2. shes allergic. They just yelled at her and laughed at her. Finally the prego lady got up and left luckily moving the group of annoying kids over more and not on top of us. At this point I was just happy to be able to hear Jack for the last Half and hour of the concert. This whole time i was mad at myself for being kind and letting them sit by us. Now its their choice to smoke and drink or whatever... There are great people with great hearts that do these things but really these kids i felt like had no good in them. The fact that they didn't care about a prego lady or about anyone around them. They came to drink and party not listen to the music. Which really makes me mad. All of what they were doing is the opposite of what Jack Johnson Sings about. So as Jack sang in his closing song.... "Where'd all the good people go..." I wonder the same thing.

Jack is amazing and we will deff be back next time hes in town but we will spend extra money for close seating and won't be so kind in letting people sit next to us.
Here are a couple of photos from jack.

this was before it got crowded.

Its like you can't see jack right? Well he was a lot closer than the photo shows.


marian said...

mean people STINK (so does smoking)

Walter and Aria said...

aw, that's so sad those people made the concert less enjoyable. how rude. But i am STILL jealous you guys went to see jack johnson in concert!!! oh what i'd give to see jack

Coon Family said...

first of all, i'm jealous you saw jack. he's pretty amazing live. secondly, i often wonder the same thing- where'd all the good people go?! i couldn't stand when people would smoke around me when i was pregnant. and it seemed to happen more then than any other time. and i can't stand it now either when i have my little girl with me. if she gets asthma i know who to blame. glad you had fun.