Sunday, September 7, 2008

de onde esta a neve?

School started ... it's pretty fun i guess... we are just ready to be done and have a back yard and a dog. ruff ruff. We are both looking for new jobs that let us go to school in the morning and work all the other hours of the day. If you know any in the slc area let us know. College football started so that seems the most exciting thing in our life plus my obsession with crocheting anything and everything!
This weekend we caught a ride up to Logan and saw Jessica its always fun to play up there. After a few hours of playing we went out to eat with my parents to Maddox. We heard it was the best restaurant in Utah. IT WAS! so good........ Stephen still talks about how good it was. Its in Perry Utah (by Brigham city) go but go early its a busy place (totally worth the price). On Saturday we watched football all day (and crocheted). The BYU game was quite the interesting one. We are glad they won so both the Utes and BYU will be undefeated when they face each other at the end of the year. We went to the utes game that night which was so much fun. We had bad seats and the beginning was a little nerve racking but it ended good. How I love having sports at my school... (byui was lacking it) thats one of the things i always wanted in my college. But I don't know if I want to have my kids grow up in Utah just because of the huge rivalry. That sounds silly and strange and i am a competitive person (and i might not understand because I didnt grow up here) but still both sides are insane. Sometimes I just feel uncomfortable with the whole sides thing. A little boy at the game had his head shaved into a U and had a shirt of a kid wearing a utah jersey beating up a kid wearing a byu jersey. It said "start em young". What does that mean? haha anyway All of these things are fun but they just keep us busy as we wait for snowboarding season to start. Its so soon and since last weekend it snowed in the mtns its gotten us a little excited. I don't know if its fair to start asking where the snow is (i'm sure everyone is having nightmares about snow coming).... but we can sure dream about it.
bad seats = good photo of stadium

Jessica already added these to her blog... but i figured they are so great that they deserve to be on both


marian said...

I don't know, a little snow sounds nice. Diana, Emily, and Nora said THEY want to go play on the ramp at Aunt Jessica's

Walter and Aria said...

Cute cute. So I'm actually happy I won't have to deal with snow for another 4 months. ahh, that's going to be hard for us!