Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Things that make me frustrated

1. Applying for 30 jobs - ZERO calls/interviews

2. Thinking I got a A on a test- not getting that at all.... school in general... applying for PET program is a lot harder than it seems.

3. $700 billion bailout... dumb.... why...because (my cousin posted this article and it explains it pretty good, I'm for as little government help as possible) http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/29/miron.bailout/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

4. Thinking that old school America is gone.

5. Losing to Diddy Kong racing over and over....

good news

1.our dish washer is fixed! after 4 months of mostly Stephen doing dishes by hand(he does them super fast) we got it fixed... it only cost us over $200. but oh well we would of had to do it anyway to sale the house, might as well enjoy it.
2.I cut my hair tomorrow... i mean cut... 10 inches. wish me luck.
3. General Conference ... friends are coming
4. Wedding weekend
5. Fall break is less than two weeks away
6. feeling better already after venting on this post!


marian said...

need pictures of hair cut and when you DO have a baby it is bound to be GORGEOUS - you and Hunky are so stunning

Coon Family said...

i'm jealous you have a dishwasher. even if it was broken for four months. i'm also jealous you have a husband who will wash dishes...

Stephanie Johnson said...

WHAT!!! I wanna see pics of your hair!!!! I bet it is so cute! PS I know, losing at DK racing sucks!

Dianna M. Boren said...