Monday, October 6, 2008

Wedding and Weekend

Photos of my hair in the front

So they did it.... WOOO HOOOooooo
James and Shana got hitched in the Vernal temple on Friday! I love how happy they were! The wedding was way chill and way James and Shana which was awesome. Great food and company is all I need for a good time! It was fun having Walter in town for the wedding we get sad that they live so far away.

Here are some more photos of the wedding. (James or anyone else who wants to see more just ask I took tons)

It was a fun weekend... Saturday we went to Famous Daves... AMAZING GO..... we celebrated Stephens birthday... he turned 5. All his gifts were snowboarding clothes.... so he had a good weekend. Stephen is the best and I love him even if he is a old man.


Andrew said...

how crazy is this?! i came across your blog today - who knows how ... and noticed that you were from Sandpoint and that your last name is Boren. I think your dad was my Stake President when I was kid up there. I grew up in Priest River. Blogs sure are fun.

Javid Family said...

What the...JAMES GOT MARRIED!!! That is freakin awesome! And she looks way nice! I am glad you went to take pictures for the people far far away on the Chicago plains. P.S. Rosie you hair is way cute short. I really do like it. Your blog is awesome. I love reading your new posts, you guys always have stuff on it.

Heath and Gretchen said...

I love weddings! You guys look like you had a blast! I can't believe that car! Haha! I don't know if I'd find that very funny if I were them...but since that's not my car that's pretty darn hil-arious!!! Hey did I hear Bonnie expecting another baby? You'll have to send her my best! Tell her she needs to start a blog ASAP! :)