Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change is Constant

So life has been pretty crazy this last month.

1. lost in our little family(puppy)
So puppy is our fish. And ya he is just a fish but for those of you who do not know puppy he is basically been with me and Stephen seems like forever. My second semester of college I had Stephen watch my other fish... and of course he killed him. So then We bought a new one and named the great fish puppy. We choose this fish at Petco because it has so many bubbles and just danced around in his little plastic bin. Puppy was the best of fish. Soon after we bought him I found out that my apartment did not allow fishes (because they do damage or something just another rule) so Stephen had to have him in Utah while we were engaged and so this fish was Stephens companion. This fish was the happiest fish alive and prob is dead to. But Puppy traveled up and down from Utah to Rexburg every weekend to come visit me. Never complained once he enjoyed the time in the car with Stephen. Here are a couple memories we had with puppy.
1. (on accident...Filling the bowl up with really hot water and him jumping out like free Willie
2. Him jumping out and falling into the garbage disposal and Stephen getting him out
3. Him doing little dances when it was feeding time
4. Him letting us pet him and not swimming away (but for real).
5. Him having attitude and fighting with us with his checks out
6. Him coming up to the bowl to talk back to us when we talked to him
7. Traveling around the state and states

The past few weeks puppy just wasn't dancing the way he use to... he would try but then sink to the bottom of the bowl. We think he had a stroke because half of his little fish body didn't work. Puppy was a fighter and lived for 2 years and I am sure longer because who knows how long he was alive when we got him. He was very brave and fought for the past week or so but finally he didn't get up from the rocks yesterday morning. We will miss puppy just like many people would miss their real puppy.

2. Change in school, jobs, life plans etc.
So many people who know me know that I like to have plans and like to follow my plans (when it comes to big plans like life goals etc.) I am not good at having Heavenly Father telling me that the plan I wanted and decided was not the right one. This last semester was pretty stressful because of school and lack of a job. Stephen decided that this degree (biomedical engineering) was not the right thing for him which of course did not go with my plans and the lack of jobs was not in my plans. So he is taking off this semester to decide what to do. Now this is actually a good thing because I can see he truly was not happy in this degree and does not want to live in a lab the rest of his life. So many people would go ahhh drop out of school but he great degree already that he can work full time and then go to grad school when he truly knows whats up. Now this is great we have a degree and all but now a days with the economy construction management is not exactly the best degree to have. Many many man have turned him away and tell him that they are laying off people and won't be hiring. Now this is way discouraging and I am not one who likes this economy to mess with my plans. Looking for jobs since September is not what I had plan. But this is all really good for us really it is and I am only being a little bit sarcastic. Clearly I should stop relying on these plans and I need to work on my patience. We could be unemployed for a long time these days who knows how the economy will be... but you can still be happy even with the tense environment we live in these days. I did receive a small job up on campus at the Early Education building teaching 3rd graders 9 hours a week. It doesn't pay well and is more just for the experience but it will be good. I have lots of field work and volunteer hours i have to complete this semester on top of school and work and lacrosse coaching and snowboarding so if I don't post i am sorry. Stephen will keep you updated and we will def let you know if anything big happens.
We are excited for this new year which already has brought big changes. Clearly it will be for the better and puppy was just trying to show us that it was his time and our time to get a real puppy. Sorry if this was to long I tried to keep it short.



Wow! Lots of changes in life! It's amazing how life goes from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds. We'll keep you in our prayers so you'll have the direction you need. Love you guys!

Javid Family said...

Ohhhh Puppy! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! :)Sounds a lot like the old "steph fish" incident(s)...we had multiple steph and jon fish and all I can say is that puppy lasted a LOT longer than any of our little guppies did. As for the major life changes, we wish you the best of luck! It's such a crazy time, but things will get better. We'll pray for you though. How's the hat business? We've looked through them, they are way awesome. I am debating on the ice cream cone hat for our baby. :)

marian said...

hmmmm, Sorry about puppy, that STINKS. Just remember, Nora loves you.

HigginbothamHaven said...

Soooooo sorry to hear about puppy! Wish we could send Katie down to dance for you instead:) Keep truckin' in the "real life" department ...ya'll will figure it out! Love ya!

kelsey said...

i can't believe puppy died. i am so sorry. i LOVED puppy. good luck to you guys with the job situation. its tough out there but it all works out in the end. miss you two!