Tuesday, February 3, 2009

help please

I need activities for my k-3rd afterschool class that will keep them entertained and not bouncing off the walls. they all have a case of adhd.


Jon said...

Crafts are always fun. Play-doh is good. You could play "heads up seven up" i loved that game when i was in elementary school. You could make an obstacle course and they can each make up a part of it and teach it to eachother, it's a great way to release energy and it makes them use their creativity. You could play red-light green light, "mother may I", simon says, or freeze tag. You could make valentines. You could play the goop game, where you put goop in a bucket and then put mr. potato head parts in the goop and the kids take turns pulling parts out and playing a version of pin the tail on the donkey with a giant potato head on a poster. (I can give you the recipe for goop it feels cool and squishy but it doesn't stick to anything and doesn't make any mess) You can play the drawing a monster game, where you fold a piece of paper into thirds and one person draws the head, and then they fold it over so you can't see it and they pass their paper to the next person and the next person has to draw the upper body, and then they too fold it over and pass it to the next person, and then the third person draws the lower body and then you all unfold them to reveal the "monsters". Little kids find these pretty funny. When it gets warmer, sidewalk chalk is fun. Movie and p.j day is fun. Team games like the human knot game or missionary tag. Wow I am on a roll. Ok so those were just some ideas. I have been hanging out with kids 18 months-11 years old lately so that's where my mind is. Good luck.

HigginbothamHaven said...

Hey Rosie - check out Dianna's blog, she has links to some GREAT sites. Mom also has a HUGE book of activities - give her a call.

Dianna M. Boren said...

hey... I just happen to be teaching preschool this semester... so I can email you lesson plans and ideas I find as they come if you want. A lot of the ideas might be a little young... but you can adapt thems o they work for older children! :) Just let me know if you want them! :)