Sunday, May 10, 2009

Henry "Hank" Dee Messinger

My sister Bonnie had her baby on May 7th. Henry is 20 inches 6 13oz. She was in labor for around 40 hours and still had him natural. It was very unusual delivery because her water broke and yet for 24+ hours she did not become active and had get a induced. As soon as she got a induced Henry was ready. She progressed fast and Henry came out in like one push. She would love to talk to any of you about it and give more details. She is doing great and went home yesterday. Here are some photos of Henry and Big brother Ben. I am excited to go up this week to spend more time with them. Bonnie is an amazing mother I don't know how she does it. oh and Happy Mothers Day to our amazing Mothers Kim and Jeanne and to everyone else.


The Romneys said...

Rosie--that's awesome! Congrats to Bonnie. I'm so happy for her and glad that everything went well. (Except holy cow, 40 HOURS?!?! She IS amazing...)

bonniejake said...
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