Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall is here

School has started! YES! I love school. I really do if only it had less busy work I would go to school and learn the rest of my life. Stephen is looking for work in construction management (it seems like a impossible task even with a degree). While he is looking for work he is studying for the GMAT (if you have any tips let us know)! He started today and is doing well. Its nice to have him home all the time even though I think its better he has a job its nice to have him around.
Since school has started this means Football has started..... this is a fun part of the year that we look forward too! This past weekend we were able to go to the USA VS El Salvador World Cup Qualifier. The US won 2-1 it was so much fun. Anyone who says soccer is boring has never been to a real game. I think there was just as many people in Royal blue for El Salvador as there were USA fans. They sure love their soccer and I love it too. During the game we were luckily surrounded by BYU fans with a updater and we had good friends texting us the updates of the BYU game. Stephen was pretty giddy that night and was talking to strangers every chance he got about the game. I would consider myself a Utes fans but I enjoy when BYU does well.... This BYU vs UTAH game should be interesting (even though Utah lost most of their people it is always interesting).
Labor Day we were able to spend time with Stephens Family. Even though most of them live so close we don't feel we see them enough. We had a fun BBQ that Mel made and than went to the Alpine Natural Water slide. It was a party and it was nice to be in the water, Max sure had fun and is still recovering. Here are some photos from the latest and greatest events.

Playing with Aunt Rosies Jewelry always a fav

USA game {i love this stadium}

The great and mighty slide

David and Clara

Jessica and Nathan after a bloody nose on the slide

Mel have a blast

Jessica and Katie

David with his nice patched up chin

Clara and David after they went on the slide

David and Aunt Mel (David went out down the slide many times)


Katie enjoying herself


Max chillin'


marian said...

Looks like FUN! We miss you guys. Kisses for Max

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! I'd love to go to a big soccer game like that.

Jason and Ivy- The Only Kids Left in Idaho said...

I'd love playing with Aunt Rosie's jewelry too! They're so cute! Max is awesome!