Sunday, November 8, 2009


So here are a lot of photos but we bought a nice camera so we use it! enjoy
On the way to the park


Our dog is really talented....... no really!!!!
love him... he can balance a lot on his nose/head for a while

to bad max messed this up cause it be a good one.....


My boys
Buns of steel

Having fun with the leaves

Friday night we were able to go to Mels Play it was amazing!! She put on Midsummers Night Dream at Lehi Junior High.... better than any high school play and junior high play we've seen. Nice job Mel!! Here are photos of the family after the play.


Being silly
David on Mels cool trees that Stephen helped build
Aunt Mels amazing stage behind me
Sage is very sweet.


HigginbothamHaven said...

Sage LOVED walking with Rosie - she stands at the bottom of the stairs now with her arms raised in the air wanting us to "walk" her up the stairs - Rosie spoiled her:)

marian said...

I love watching Stephen play with Max - very cute. We can't wait to see you guys next week - yipeeeeee!

Drew and Megan said...

what camera did you get? your dog is HILARIOUS!