Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well we put wood floors in.... a lot of work.... a lot...
Stephen did most of the work but you should have seen ME in my skirt using the wood floor nail gun pounding them in. I thought I was pretty awesome.
Turned out pretty nice eh?
Does anyone want to buy our condo or know someone in the market for a condo??

Oh and conference was really really great.
Happy Easter!


Michael Boren said...

it looks good. That was totaly a good idea to put in, I think it will help the condo to sell even quicker.

Jason, Ivy and baby Jacie said...

It looks awesome! It should totally sell faster now. You guys are so talented!

Robyn said...

It looks great! Nice job guys.

Aria said...

Hey that looks pretty awesome! GOod job, good luck with the selling. I hope it all works out. When do you guys go to Sandpoint?

HigginbothamHaven said...

Max looks amazing (so do the floors:)