Monday, June 14, 2010

S & S

The past 2 weeks we have been traveling... We went down to St. George to spend some time with my Grandparents! It was so much fun. I wish I could see them more. We basically drove up to Sandpoint, Idaho on our way back from St. George. One of Stephens high school best buds was getting married. We spent the week up there having fun. On the way back we stopped in Rexburg to visit with our good friends Aria and Walter and to see my sister Bonnie and the babes. A lot of fun.... but we hate car rides... so we are happy to be home... And lets say max is too. We didn't take to many photos of us but were playing with our camera and messing with settings so enjoy these photos of little pieces of our trip with a few of us!

We drove around North West Arizona and Zions. We saw Ghost towns, red rock and dirt!
Big Whitey (my grandpa) let stephen drive one of his babies.... his jeep.
These flowers only come out 2 days out of the year... we happen to see it... we are pretty special.

Benjamin is getting big.
Henry is a flirt for sure.

Luca checking out some ladies....
Luca showing some skin.... oh ya!

Max is still forgiving us for this past week...
.Wedding. Kyle and Colleen Watson
Kyle watching his bride
Kyle with his brother

Colleen was so excited to get married she went from laughing to crying and was very antsy/nervous... it was very cute.

Max having a good time with the rope swing...

showing off his tiger stripes
showing off his tiger moves
playing with the camera

The weather was like this the whole time...
Horse shoes--- The Champion himself.... look at that form....


tired pup

BIG marshmallows seem fun but they don't make the best smores.


Drew and Megan said...

fun. i want that s'more.

Rachel said...

Cool you got to see so many people. And sweet that you got to see those cactus flowers! They're beautiful! Congrats on graduating by the way :)