Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sacred Places


I watched this on BYU TV International, one of the few channels I get with our bunny ears.
Anyone who loves photography, art and travel will appreciate it.
It also makes you appreciate the architecture of our temples.
It is funny that all the sacred places he has been to are a majority of the places on the top of my list to go.
I thought I just put them on the list because they have culture and beauty
but really the most important part of these sites is the sacredness and that really draws me in even more.
I wish I was this guy, he has a pretty neat job. If you have time watch this.

BYUtv - Sacred Places

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AnOnymOUs said...

That place looks amazing. It has definely moved onto my must see list. Very interesting. (= Nice blog btw. The slide shows are adorable. (=
- cHaSiTi
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