Sunday, September 26, 2010


So I haven't been AS good at keeping up on the blogging. Here are some more recent photos going back to some I forgot to add...

Abby going to a dance... she is a cute girl... I had fun doing her hair...
These photos happened a while back but I forgot to post on it. We have seen some beautiful things off my parents deck. A lot of storms and the Herriman fire which Michael posted on.... Here is one of the storms we saw.

Hank and Stacy came to visit and spent some time with us! We have missed them o so much. COME BACK
Baby Lorilie is very sweet and she needs to come back too.
I did a photo shoot with Ben and Henry. They need to come back soon and not move to Alaska.... here are a few of my favorites.

We also went to the Discovery Center at Gateway.

Ben had a good time.... he was very serious about the stuff that was going on and put thought into everything.

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Aria said...

cute cute cute! Keep 'em comin! And I can't believe Bonnie is moving to ALASKA! Who does that!? but cute pics of the babies, and good job on Abby's hair. She is so stylin for prom