Saturday, October 9, 2010

Millcreek Remodels

Well for those of you who don't know, Stephen gave his two weeks at work and his last day will be on Tuesday. Now many may ask why he would give his two weeks with out finding another job? Well Stephens company was very dishonest, abusive in many ways and he was over worked and underpaid. Stephen was extremely unhappy, not fulfilled and wasn't even getting the pay check to justify it.

So Stephen's long term goal is to own his own remodeling company. So this week he is getting his contracting license, business license and starting his marketing. I am proud of him for taking control of his life and not having some {jerk} push him around at work. His education and talent shouldn't be overlooked. So it is a scary thing starting out on your own but we feel good about it.

We are both looking for work until this business starts to pick up. We have a couple of good leads already; Stephen does amazing work and is great with people so I think it won't be to long for it to do well.

Check out this website I put together for his business. Tell me what you think. AND if you know anyone that has work for us let us know. :) Oh and it would be great if you could give Millcreek Remodels a good review on Google (if you have worked with Stephen before).

{Hope you are happy with your employment, don't settle for something}

Millcreek Remodels


Stefanie Sayre said...

Way to go! I know that is supper scary. My dad and brother decided to start their own business right at the beginning of the recession. So they built a building in their backyard and work from home. They aren't making millions but they are reaching their yearly goals after being in the commercial flooring business which is a success.

Good luck to both of you, it will be tough but I know you guys will do great. I wish I could pay you guys to remodel my kitchen. I want new cabinets and heck a dishwasher but our counters aren't deep enough. But since we are living on one income I guess we will just keep me as the dishwasher. :)

Ryan and Renee said...

I am so impressed with your work! It is really beautiful and that's coming from a builder's wife. I wish I knew where you could get more work, but Ryan does the work around here. If we can do anything to help you get going, let me know. Good luck!

marian said...

Rosie, your website looks great! We are praying for you!

Jason, Ivy and baby Jacie said...

So happy and proud of you guys! It is scary but it's also a wonderful feeling as a wife to see your husband getting up and going to a job that he loves doing. Good for Stephen and Good for you Rosie for being such a supportive wife. That's one of the things they need the most. Love you guys!