Monday, April 11, 2011

Robo Baby

Well the babe was moving so much we are lucky we got any good photos. Everyone is always surprised about how "active" our baby is... but I just laugh because they have no idea.
Nice lips and nose.... looks like a Boren chin.
Robo baby.... Looks like my huge eyes or terminators eye.

Bam.... we all know what that is!

Its a boy!!!

And so far the the baby looks nice and healthy. He is putting a lot of pressure on my sciatic nerve.... if it doesn't go away I might need Physical Therapy.... so we will see!


Matt and Dianna said...

YAY!!!! We're so excited!!! :) We need more boys!!!

brooke and chad coon said...

Yay, how exciting! Congrats!!

Jennilee said...

haha congrats!! i laughed at the active part because if i know stephen you are going to have your hands full with this little guy!! but congrats again, boys are so so so much fun!!

Flower said...

hello! i just clicked the next blog button to see whos next to me in the blogospohere and its you. the pictures are quite intresting on this post. find me at

Justin + Ashley said...

Congratulations, Rosie!!! How exciting...and how well dressed he will be. You guys will be such a cute little family on the slopes in a couple of years. So happy for you both!