Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime in the city

It feels amazing to sleep in your own bed finally after two weeks of not when you are of normal size. It feels even better when you are ~8 months along. We made a quick trip to NYC to visit the food.... and my sister Helen and our friends the Toones! It was the perfect trip to stop my itching and now I feel ready to "nest" and get ready for this baby. I am so excited for our boy but not to the point where I want him to come 8 weeks early (he comes when he comes). Everyone in the world asks how I am doing and if I am ready to be "done" and the answer is really I am doing GREAT and I am ready for him but not really. I do have bad days/hours but overall this has been great and really it just depends on what I eat and the activities I do. When I don't feel good it really is mostly my fault because of what I ate. The only hard thing is being bored (being excluded from normal fun hobbies that we do). I never liked to be excluded from any fun activity when I wasn't pregnant and now I am just automatically out of the fun equation and it is hard to find something else to do.

I am not sure if it is just my body or my attitude but I think this pregnancy has been easy so far (still have my last two months in the summer). I am so grateful for this pregnancy and I am also grateful that I am living in Utah instead of out East. SHOCKING yes. Being pregnant in the summer with the dry heat out here is completely different than being out East in the humidity. I felt okay and kept up with the boys walking but more like a huge pig hobbling while I kept up. I would take a photo and be amazed about what I would look like.... I couldn't wear shoes. I couldn't help but laugh at my huge pregnant self. To bad we didn't get many good photos. I came back to Utah lost probably 5+ pounds of my bloating pig self and my shoes fit great!

We were able to eat amazing food with amazing people, go to the Apollo for amateur night, go to a Yankees game where they won in the 14th inning I believe (we got 10 dollar tickets which is a steal so we got well worth our money!), went to the temple (I still consider this my temple so I really wanted to do a session) ran in the rain, watched Hank in a bike race, Stephen rode bikes in central park(something my pregnant self missed out on), met up with high school friends, went to long beach, played at a arcade, talked and ate and ate.

fyi (most of our photos are of Lorilie... you'll understand why)

killing zombies!

waiting for some dinner

watching Hank race!
faster HANK!
long beach

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Me and Jedd! said...

ooweee! Looks like fun! And stop calling yourself a 'huge pregnant lady'! You look GREAT and are one of those ladies that I would say is cute still while pregnant ;)! I am excited for you and appreciated your honesty in this post. It made a lot of sense to me. Good luck with everything pretty lady, and remember, you can still do stuff (like road bike!) while pregnant, if you're comfortable with it ;). I know it's a personal decision though. hope to see you sometime. Also, i've never been to NY ;)