Sunday, October 30, 2011


Nine weeks old... here are some stats and photos

Ht- 24" (90%)
Wt- 13 lbs 10 oz (93%)
Head- 40.5 cm (75%)

With those stats you must know what Frank has been up to. Eating! yum! 

He has a very sweet smile, loves to talk look at his hands and blow bubbles. He is growing too fast and he is huge. He is almost grown out of his clothes and wears 3-6 month and even some 6-9 months. He has grown out of his newborn sleeper for his pack and play... I loved that thing and so did he. He does not think the flat pack and play is very comfy and won't sleep in it.... I guess we will have to purchase a king pillow top mattress for him and max, both of them have kicked us out of our bed. On the other hand I am super glad he is eating so much and gaining so much because I want to hold of feeding him food and nurse as long as possible and avoid drying up!! We also have been looking into Diaper free infant training or Elimination Communication. The reviews are really good and it makes sense to me. Anyone do it or know anyone that does it let me know? Many parents have their baby potty trained around a year some around 6 months. I know it sounds silly and unbelievable but why not research it eh??? All of these photos were taken off my iPhone. It has a great camera/video... we hope to get some photos this week with our nice camera.

 love this photo... max always looking in the background haha.

 Max is always sweet and Frank always has something on his mind.

 we bought our season passes to PC this year and we are so excited! so is Frank.
 watching some HS football

 love this photo... they both have the same expression. 

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Megan Hollenback said...

oh my the pic of all you guys in flannels is to die for!