Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now You Really Start Living

 Max has adjusted pretty well. He does get jealous every once in a while when we talk sweetness to Frankie (that used to be only to him). He really does love this little guy and wishes he was bigger so they could play and cuddle.

 On our way to the REAL Salt Lake game. They lost... and a angry fan ran on the field and attacked the Ref. (he was a crumby Ref but really?) Frank being super "gangster" in his hoodie.

 This is the only family photo we have together.... and probably the only photo mom is in.
Before we left for a yms football game. VERY FUN. 
Sweet Story- We were winning and with 30 seconds left the other team marched down the field and scored. I was over walking Frank around because he was ready for bed and was standing next to a little boy who became very upset when our team was down with 30 seconds to go. He started pacing back and forth pulling at his hair and then he began to pray. I almost started to cry by how sweet this was. This kid had to be seven years old (reminded me of Josh). I also said a quick prayer for us to return the ball and win so this little boy could have a answer to his prayer. We scored with a few seconds left. I have never seen such a happy boy... first his jaw dropped in disbelief and he hugged his friend and he rushed the field like he had just won himself.

 Frank actually smiles a ton. Mostly when he is about to eat... he loves to eat.... which is why he is about 12 pounds-ish at 5 weeks (that's from our scale we don't have a exact weight)

Along with Real Salt lake, and football games we went to the State Fair. We got a big turkey leg which was delicious. I saw the biggest cow in the world and almost stole a baby calf and pig. 
I got a card from my Grandparents with a gift for Frank. They signed the card and wrote now you really start living. And I couldn't say it better. Stephen and I have never been so busy and things are a little more complicated when we want to do something but we have never been so blessed. There was a talk today about having children and not putting it off. The talk summed up everything I have been thinking about from before we even got pregnant.  Faith, happiness, calling etc. None of my traveling, snowboarding, etc....  amount to it. It was good one along with a lot other great talks. Anyway, life is good.

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We love seeing pictures of you all and it sounds like life is great for all. Stephen looks tired:), surprise, surprise!

Sure love you.