Monday, November 14, 2011

The City and a Blessing

Last minute I was able to make a quick trip to NYC with Abby and my Mom to see Helen run the NYC marathon. Stephen is so nice to let me go with Frankie. We missed Bonnie who is in Alaska. Did you know Alaska is very far away from SLC, and very very very far from NYC...  and the cost of your first born for you to fly is asked.... yeah it is the truth and a big bummer. Frankie did amazing on the plane rides, didn't make a peep, I wasn't too surprised because he usually is fine when I am holding him or nursing him and fixing his problems right away. He was a good boy. It was EXHAUSTING having a baby in the city especially when you are running from place to place trying to get things done and following someone in the NYC marathon. I basically nursed the entire time. I am pretty sure I flashed everyone in NYC especially my family and friends but that's the price I will pay so Frankie is happy and a trip will go smoothly. It actually was nice, no one cared about me nursing in public and everyone was kind to allow me a seat on a sub and help with my stroller. In Salt Lake I don't get that vibe as much... Weird I know. I missed Stephen and realized how much he helps me with Frank. Frank was so tired from the trip and slept the entire first night.... of course mom didn't get the same sleep and he hasn't slept through the night since but that's okay.
Helen did really well in the race and it is amazing to watch the NYC marathon. I wanted to cry the entire time because of the mass amount of people who were running and struggling and then the crowds cheering them on! Runners were blind or in their nineties and I just run 2 miles!  It was so amazing and I suggest if you don't feel like running to watch a big city marathon its very inspirational. At night you can see people walking to just finish the race 10 hours later!
 Helen found Frank after the race.
 Helen and Abby

Helen and Joe... they are a good looking couple.... and she just ran a marathon.

Stephen blessed Frank Nolan yesterday on the 13th. I am so grateful for Stephen and it was a great blessing. Frank looked cute in his outfit even though his neck was to fat to button his shirt and wear his bow tie mom made. 

 Four Generations

 Love these shoes!


Ryan and Renee said...

Rosie you are so cute. You look so good and frank is beyond cute. It makes me excited to have my own little boy. I love you guys!

Aria said...

Nice, the outfit turned out super cute! I love your yellow dress and yes, those shoes are to die for! That's so cool you got to go to NYC with Frankie. I am so nervous to fly on a plane with kids now. But good for you, he is still young enough to make it work.

anne.elizabeth said...

he;s awesome. that's all.