Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

We decided to be green and just send our photo out and post our letter to our blog. If you did not receive a card I would be happy to send one, I don't have everyone address but I will also post our Christmas photos here.
This year has been one to remember. We are so grateful for everything that has happen this year. We see Gods hands in our lives more then ever. Its fun to look back and see why things happen the way they did. 

We have been able to start our family this year. Last Christmas was when we found out we were expecting and on August 27th we had our boy. Named after his Great Grandfather, Frank Nolan was born 7 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches long. He literally came out spinning because he was rotating from posterior to anterior my entire labor which made it long and fun. Stephen is very proud and says he we will be going pro in snowboarding in no time. He has grown unbelievably and at 3 months was 16 pounds, 25 inches long. He is a very sweet boy but loves to move and gets frustrated that he has not developed his running legs yet.  

Stephen started his own construction company this year. Millcreek Remodels and Design has been very good to us. It has been fun owning our own business but their is also large amount of responsibility. Stephen focuses on home remodels and restoration but can do it all. He has been so busy and it doesn't look like it is slowing down soon. We know we are blessed because of his beautiful and honest, hard work. Stephen has enjoyed his calling with the Young Men in our ward and even though we are itching to move by the end of the winter, we sure will miss our ward. Stephen loves that winter is here and is ready to snowboard everyday... but is lucky that he is able to go up on Saturdays because he is so busy with work.

Rosie started the year teaching at a English Second Language school in downtown Salt Lake. She loved the kids and also dealt with some kids with hard backgrounds, learning and behavior problems which at times broke her heart. But she enjoyed teaching them PE and helping out in k-4 classroom. By the time she was 7 months pregnant she was glad to be done teaching 30 kids and glad to focus on one kid and a dog (Max the dog, has adjusted great and loves Frankie). Rosie has been super busy being a mom and has loved her new calling in life. Nothing like a sweet baby smile to wake up too. Frankie has been kind and has allowed mom some sleep but she would like some more. Rosie has also been able to go up snowboarding this year already and is excited for some more (thank you babysitters). If only Frank was old enough to come with us. 

We are so grateful for this year and we are grateful for your friendship and love. We are grateful for our Savior this Christmas Season and may you feel God's love in your life. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Love, The Borens
Stephen, Rosie, Frank, and Max


Megan Hollenback said...

good idea! LOVE the pics.

Ryan and Renee said...

I love you guys! Your pictures are great and it was nice to read about your year. By the way, I have always wanted to name a son Frank, so since you stole my name I am taking Borsen back and naming my boy Borsen Rice. We might have to teach him Russian with a name like that, but it should work out just fine. Love you!