Thursday, January 5, 2012

Four Months

Some stats: Frank Nolan is in the 92 percentile for head, height and weight. The doctor asked if his dad was tall... Nope. So it should be interesting to see if he will slow down or tower over dad. His head caught up with the rest of the body(was in the 75th). Frank is wearing nine to twelve months. I wish it was summer so he could run naked... I am not looking forward to more clothes. Here are a few photos... (Frank and his namesake standing by the two Helens)


marian said...

He is growing up ridiculously fast!

emily, etc, etc said...

Oh I am in love with that baby!

Mrs. Watson said...
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Mrs. Watson said...

My doctor at six months asked me the same question, "Is your husband big?!"

"Nope." =)

He he
Frank is so handsome. =)