Monday, March 19, 2012


I am not the best blogger anymore. Frankie's bed sits right next to the computer with the photos. Frank is always sleeping and when he is not I am trying to put a way the mountain of laundry that also sits next to Frankie's bed. I enjoy blogging so I want to be better.

New tricks Frank can do:
He loves to eat solids but not from mom. She has the milk and that is all she is good for. And since he doesn't take a bottle we have used the sippy cup and he only drinks it when its cold milk.
Frank is out of control already. He is almost crawling and right now spins on his belly to where he wants to go. We have to wrestle him down to change diapers and put clothes on. He can already go underneath the benches at church. He sits on his own everywhere and only bonks when he reaches for a toy to fast. He does a back bend when being put in the car seat.
He has discovered his tongue and loves to stick it out at people.
Frank loves max and we are certain that will be his first word.
Most the time he still wakes up every 3 hours but he did two good sleep through the nights in the past month. of course it was when mom was sick and did not sleep good.
His bottom teeth are in and he loves to show them in his smile.
Church is three house spent in the lobby.... because frank likes to be very social and vocal and then he gets very tired because it messes up two nap times. I wonder if I should go home... I figure sitting in the lobby counts.
Social: Frank is very social and has ladies at church already who he flirts with. He always seems to need his mom to play or look at.

Frank is the 90% again for height weight and head... He is so much fun and we can't get enough of him.

News with us-
Stephen is super busy with work, snowboarding, soccer and coaching youth ball and of course being a dad. We are extremely blessed for all his work and he keeps on getting more and more.
I am super busy coaching lax, coaching youth ball, snowboarding, also playing some soccer and being a mom. Laundry cleaning and food. I have enjoyed cooking and figuring out crock pot recipes so I can cook and get home from Lacrosse and it will be ready to eat! Love the crock pot. My youth basketball team made it to the region finals... and lost to team who brought in other high school bball players but oh well... we didn't cheat and our mostly non athletic younger team did very well.

Stephen and I are starting to train for marathons and the tough mudder.... we signed up for this in October.... if you don't know what it is check out this video.  If you are interested in doing it let me know... i need a girl to tag a long with me :) 

Also Stephen and I and group of people are going to Havasupai in May...  we are not taking Frank. so if you have any suggestion of what worked with your kids to get them to sleep through the night and eat out of a bottle let me know! I am nervous to supplement because I would love to nurse as long as I can. Thanks

 Frank sits on the potty at least once a day... he is wearing dads socks as leg warmers to keep warm
 Frank loves to be naked and loves baths. We can't wait for summer.

Frank at the grizzlies game... we will be headed to some REAL Salt Lake games this month and we are excited for the season. They are on TV now too so you can watch them there.


marian said...

YIPEE! Thanks for the update Rosie. Is Frank going to stay with ME when you go to the canyon??? He and Nelson can eat babas together and not sleep at night together - party!

LuaRissaAk said...

Frankie's really cute, I also think you're a great blogger!