Friday, May 18, 2012


mules running down steep trails with bags on their back

Stephen being awesome

                coolest hike ever.... we had to climb down these amazing red rocks and had to go through caves and hold onto the chain so we didn't fall to our death! Then we got to hike through the amazing green jungle in the middle of the canyon. It was like stepping into a Jurassic Park movie.

Indian Reservation
the group

 Some firsts for me (besides hava): helicopter ride, hoover dam, historic route 66

We made a quick trip down to Havasupai down in AZ with a van full of people. It was a blast! We drove Friday night, hiked 10 miles Saturday morning, swam and hiked some more till Monday morning, took the Helicopter out and drove the 10 hours home on Monday. Hava is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. I have never seen water so beautiful and the hike was the coolest hike I have done. Thank you to those who made this trip possible, my babysitters-- Jessica and Brian my dog sitters--my parents, Stephen for being awesome and using his expertise to make the trip great and enjoyable and Helen who planned the whole trip!

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looks like a BLAST!