Monday, August 13, 2012


We have been super busy! Working hard and having fun. Since I am so behind I will give you little bits of what we have been up to. (I don't want a crazy long post)

Beginning of July we went to Sandpoint for some good o' Boren family time. Hank and Stacy were able to come with us and we had a blast. 


 canoe camp out

 washing the car
 girls day

Stephen has been working night and day on this home which is in the Parade of Homes which ends this coming week. They won a bunch of awards for it! If you are in the area come check it out and vote for it as fan favorite. It is beautiful and historic (1880s) and i want to live in it.... 

Since Stephen was working night and day and the Toones invited me to Portland he was so nice and let me go. It was beautiful. Frank loved the beach even though it was a bit cold. (thank you bunker family for putting up with me and Frank!)

 These star fish covered the haystack rock it was amazing.

 Frank and haystack
 This was taken on my morning run. I ran 6 miles and didn't want to stop but I ran into the end of the beach. This run was the best! Wish I could run it every morning
 And I have a load of photos from our week at lake powell... next post.

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Aria said...

Hey that looks like you have been up to a lot of fun things! Sad you didn't get to come out here, but maybe someday we will see each other. Frank is growing up so fast and I don't even know him. Beautiful Oregon and Idaho of course!