Monday, January 14, 2013

oh, hey!

so i use to blog. i rarely use my computer because using it while frank is around is rather interesting. here's some catch up. oh by the way for those who don't know we are expecting number 2! yup! wooo.... due june 14th. we find out the gender and health on friday. i am 19 weeks so almost half way.

here is what i did my first trimester besides hanging out on the couch, bed and bathroom. this pregnancy is not a walk in the park like frank was.

 tough mudder: don't worry i skipped all dangerous to the baby obstacles.
 hiked timp with stephen, my sisters and dad.

ran a half marathon with the sisters minus bonnie.
got up to the resort once. this is always the hardest part of pregnancy, missing out on this kind of fun. i pretty much cry every saturday. i know lame, be grateful bla bla bla, i will get over it :).

 family photos were a pain... we got one... no thanks to max and frank.

 christmas 2012 in sandpoint

 franks face explains it all... not so great first sledding experience.

 sledding jump face plant

i am sure i will post gender soon. hope everyone had a amazing holiday!


marian said...

So good to see your faces! I'm sorry pregnancy isn't so very fun (OK not fun at all). We will be thinking of you on Friday - hoooray!

AuShots said...

Lovely pictures! Love it love it love it!