Thursday, May 22, 2008


This week we got to "babysit" My little siblings Ben and Abby for my parents. They had gone to new york to watch Helen graduate from Columbia. It was fun and i got to take care of their sweet new dog Sigma. Sigma has been in a cage all his life but he such a good dog. He still wasnt eating that much and was nervous but by the time i got done he was eating 2 full bowls a day. He loved going on car rides with you and would always try to goto school with me and just ask stephen he gives good smelly kisses. I also had the chance to coach abbys lax team for my coaching class i was nervous but it turned out fun i can't wait to have my own team!!!

sigma is really good at making sad faces with his big brown eyes

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The Warcups said...

Bone Bone!!!!! Can I even tell you how excited I am that I found your blog!!! I'm really so excited! You both look like you're doing so well (and you've already done a ton of fun things together:) ). Rosie, you were such a beautiful bride, I loved looking at the pictures. We love you guys and miss you lots!