Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Busy and more Busy

This last week and the weeks to come are busy busy but fun filled. Last week and this week i have been doing midterms and trying to do well on them while trying to have fun in the nice summer sun. Friday i worked all morning on a midterm and took a break by the pool after that i went to work at Bees stadium which was fun but didn't get home till late. So i missed out on seeing Stephen all day. Saturday we went to seven peaks with Helen and Bonnie. Helen surprised us with a visit from New York City and we were all excited to see her. After the long hot fun day at Seven peaks we went straight to a BBQ with some old friends. We ate lots of food (stephen had 2 hamburgers and 2 hotdogs... and later regretted it) and then played volleyball, water balloon volleyball and some rock band(let me tell you, if you have a playstation or xbox already you should get this game... its amazingggg). Today fathers day we woke up at the crack of dawn and went to a Baptist church for one of my classes it was tons of fun but really early in the morning. Then we went straight to stake conference where Russel M Nelson came and we had the great pleasure of hearing him. Now we are having another busy schedule this week and we are pretty much busy till after July 4th weekend! We love staying busy (minus midterms). For right now we are just going to try to relax and not feel our sunburn body and eat some yummy dinner at my parents for fathers day. Happy Fathers Day. WE Love our DADS they are the bestest. (here are some pictures from our fun weekend.

Sista Sista

Stephens favorite scary slide...

Power of the S


Water Balloon Volleyball

never have a cottonwood tree....

YA rock band

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