Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Someone told me It's all happening at the Zoo"

Here are some fun photos from our fun weekend.

On Friday after the Higginbothams came over and ate dinner then Brian and Jessica went to Emilys play and we got the chance to watch David Joshua and Katie. We went swimming and forgot the camera but we got some good pictures of afterwards eating ice cream and watching Over the hedge.

Our type of bibs

oh Katie

Watching over the hedge in their PJs

Saturday Morning we all woke up ate yummy french toast and went to the Zoo. We meet the Marian and David and all their kids, along with Emily and Lily (Dianna graced us with her presents for the last 10 mins). The zoo was hot and tiring but tons for fun, I think I had more fun than the kids. We made it threw most of the zoo even the snake house which was Joshua's favorite who was already very sick but we think he still had fun. He happened to throw up all over Uncle Stephen

Issac with Uncle Stephens hat

Katie... love her smile

this guy was so close to us pacing back in forth loved it

After the zoo I went straight to work and sadly left a little early because I was almost too sick to stand unfortunetly picking up what Joshua had, i was lucky to make it home. But i am all better now and hopefully will be ready for this busy week. We were looking forward to flying up to Sand point next weekend but our miles card just wont let us... so we are trying to figure out what to do.... because driving is not our favorites, hopefully some cheap tickets will pop up this week!

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Stephanie Johnson said...

Hahah. These pics are so dang cute. My fav is them watching tv in their pjs, so cute.Looks like you guys had fun!