Monday, December 29, 2008

oh the holidays.

We had lots of fun this holiday season. We went to 2 weddings and spent some much time with both sides of our families. We celebrated our one year with some cafe rio and one year old cake. The cake was amazing and looked great. We spent 5ish days up in Sandpoint which was suppose to be a week but due to the constant snow in both Utah and Washington it was cut short. But we still had lots of fun with the Borens and had many adventures from digging out many people in the snow, waiting in the airport, lemon tractors, playing in the snow, neverending dominos and other games, playing with the kids, singing with the elders and the best food ever. We flew home and after the snow storms and our gates being iced over we finally got in to salt lake on christmans evening 3 hours late instead of 2 days is good news for us. We spend the rest of the weekend at my parents house where we hung out with Helen and her boyfriend Kyle, we ate more amazing food, played a lot of wii, went snowboarding, another wedding and had family over on Sunday. This holiday season has left us with some great memories and some fat to burn off....
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas
here are some photos.

We got a pretty sweet camera for our one year. Here is one of the many photos we have taken messing around with it. Also what i have mostly been consuming.

our cake after a year looking and tasting amazing.

baby sage pretty excited for her baby blessing

katie in her rosie hat

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marian said...

OK, Katie's rosie hat is AMAZINGLY cute, as is Katie herself.