Sunday, April 26, 2009

called to serve

On top of teaching the elders and activities we got another calling.
Stephen will have to teach me a thing or too about tying knots.
Boy Scouts- 11 year olds.
We are pretty excited and I am absolutely clueless.


Aria said...

ah that'll be so much fun!!! congrats

marian said...

OHHHHHHHH boy! If you want my women''s scout shirt (it's a full on antique) let me know!

marie said...

WOW.. you guys will be the BEST leaders ever!! What fun!!

Heidi said...

Hey Rosie! I'm glad you found my blog :) And good luck with this calling...haha how funny! I would be so intimidating if I got that calling! I don't know little boys at all! I'm excited for the reunion!