Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello Hello

Good bye good bye

RC Willey was having a big parking lot sale. Knowing how over priced and expensive they are we were like eh they are always having a sale and it will still be hundreds and hundreds for something small... we went anyway. We found a nice price- 900 couch for 199 and a 500 ottoman for 29. Yup we feel pretty special. The couch is a section but doesnt have the other piece so we probably will find something that will work but for now the ottoman goes nicely. We are happy.

Hello hello

Also for my birthday stephen made me a sewing machine table. our place is so small and we dont have room for it so he got creative. Its a wall decor that folds out into a table. Pretty craft I say. I thought it would be a great thing for Ikea.

p.s. wish me luck on my finals. pray I pass one of my classes


marian said...

wow - what a FANTASTIC idea and I love the new couch.

Dianna M. Boren said...

WOW... that sewing table is AMAZING... you guys are so dang creative! I like the new couch too! I think it puts a nice touch on the condo! :)

Robyn said...

Very clever very clever

Melani Boren said...

That is REALLY COOL!!!! Great idea Pig!