Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Weekends

We are having so much fun so far this summer and it just began. I was able to go up to Rexburg for two weekends to hang with Bonnie and the babes. Hank and Stacy were able to come down for memorial day. we were able to swim, play lots of tennis, long board, make 4 long boards, crochet 2 animals, eat yummy food, went to the park and so on. We miss them everyday.
On Thursday night we were able to go to Logan which is one of my favorite places in Utah and see Joshua play soccer. He has skills and scored a goal. We can't wait to see him get better and better. Then we were able to spend the day up there on Friday. We played all day and celebrated Katies third birthday. The Higginbothams have amazing kids. We brought max up and he had a pretty good time. The kids loved him and max was a gentleman. He did not get much rest on the way home collapsed and slept for about 24 hours straight. Here are lots of photos



marian said...

I love how Hunky uses your house for a shop to build long boards! The man needs a garage.

Katie's new digs are precious.

Stephen and Rosie Boren said...

sigh.... you should talk to him about that... a garage and a yard would be a dream come true