Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our friend Brasil

We got back from Brasil yesterday. This is our first "vacation" together alone out of the country. I say "vacation" because it wasn't like relaxing all the time. I was very excited to see beautiful Brasil when I got there but it rained and was cloudy the first 4 days. And when I say rain I don't mean the normal South American mist rain we were drenched. Rio de Janeiro has also got much more expensive since Stephen has been there so our hostel we stayed in wasn't top notch and unless you love to drink all day everyday, smell/see nasty things than I don't think you could say it was pleasant stay. So our first half of Rio was sort of a bummer but we did have fun and went to a soccer game and toured around the city spending all our money on food. The day before we headed out of Rio I finally saw a sneak peak of the sun, the Christ statue, and Sugar Loaf. We than headed to a island off the coast of Rio called Ilha Grande. This was a high light of our trip. We never had clear clear skies but here it was wonderful weather. The island is a beautiful jungle and looks like Jurassic park. Most of the island is untouched. The main town was without cars, you walk, ride bikes, or take the boat out. This is what the whole world should be like its awesome. The road was cobblestone and the town centers around a cute white church. The hostel we stayed at here was much cheaper and much nicer. Instead of staying in dorms we got our nice private room with private bathroom and balcony with hammock. Very fun we wish we stayed there longer (but since the rain we had to take the only clear day left and go back to Rio to finish things up) On the island we saw monkeys fun birds, swam and snorkeled with turtles and fun fish. We headed back to Rio and saw the Christ statue we got lucky and it was a clear morning as soon as we left the statue the clouds came rolling in. We went to the beach during a stand storm and it was not the best no one likes sand pelting you. As we sat there we thought of the weekend ahead and what would we do because it was suppose to rain all weekend long. We left the sand storm called the airline and switched our flights. We left that night. It was quit a adventure. The only thing I am sad we didn't do is buy stuff. It rained most nights so the stands weren't out. So we didn't bring home any gifts for anyone or gifts for us. Max was pretty bummed. This trip was not at all what we had planned but it was lots of fun! We were excited to get back to our bed, max, toilets, and cold cereal. Its a good thing we came back because we both got a little sick (stephen more so) I can't imagine what it would be like if we were down there in the hostels in the rain! This trip could have not been done without the Jessica and Brian who let Max into their home Thank you soooo much.

We took tons of photos here are our favorite ones. I really dislike doing slide shows but there are a lot of photos and for most of you this is the only way to see them. The photos are great and much better blown up! Roll over photos to read captions.
Click on the slide show and it can go bigger...


Futbol games.... the energy was amazing!!!


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