Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have not posted anything besides photos for a while.
For those of you who want a update.
I don't feel like I have one. But here goes something.
Stephen is still waiting for people to send in the letters of rec.
Its hard to rely on other people when it concerns your future.
I am still doing student teaching and I enjoy it some days.
It all depends on my attitude.
Even though I want to shake some of the girls because of how rude they are.
If I laugh it off my days go a lot smother and I am more pleasant.
Today I broke up a fight between some girls in my class.
I know you are interested in 7th grade drama.
Basically one of the girls tattled on one girls best friend and had them sent to Juvie.
Even though I see these things daily I still love most of the girls.
Sometimes I just stair at these girls while they are in a activity and just think how hard they are having it and how they are really good kids that are not in good situations.
The only time I don't have compassion is when I see them bullying sweet nerdy kids.
Today Faten who is from the middle east and doesn't speak.... because she has a hard time with English and because she is cute and shy. came up to me and said "girl not like me".
She than started explaining me how this girl she didn't know was beating on her.
The sweetest frailest kid in the world who doesn't speak is getting picked on.
Lets just say the girl who is picking on her is never going to do it again.
I also have been applying for jobs which is a lot more difficult than I imagined and weird.
Stephen has been amazing through everything.
We only have one car so its nice to have him dropping me off and picking me up so I can tell him about school and ask him for help.
He also helps out at home and does the laundry.
I have never worn socks this much.
And I have not run out of socks because he does laundry.
Thank you :)
We also are starting to get the house ready to put it on the market.
a lot more work than I thought.
So that's our news.
Hopefully we will find out what our future holds in Aprilish.


Drew and Megan said...

thats cool rosie i didnt know you were going into teaching! having one car has its pros and cons for sure haha. good luck with everything, youll figure it out as you go! i feel ya there :)

Rachel said...

Good luck figuring out future plans! I'm glad you like your job for the most part. Sorry you have to deal with the drama though, although I bet the girls really look up to you. Good luck Rosie!