Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maybe Lucky Is the Word

Last week Stephen went off a jump at PC.
Doing his fancy pants stuff.
And crack.
Luckily he didn't crack his head.
He broke his board in two places.
Now he has done this before but this time he was nervous.
Is my warranty up???? ahhh.
Whelp he called the Burton and he had 12 days left....
wow lucky.
He got a new board which is the board he actually wanted!
Its worth about $700....
He is really lucky.

Today Stephen was driving up a Canyon to work on a house up there.
He was on i80 and BAM!!!!
Our Yakima Snowboarding Racks Exploded....
No Joke
It went flying off, along with a old door and plywood that was on top of it.
I am so glad that no one was behind him.
It could have killed someone!!!!!!
I can't imagine a old door flying at someone going 80 mph.
We bought all of the parts to our Yakima Racks from people on KSL and what not.
Well Stephen went into a store and talked to them and apparently they have life warranty.
So we have new $600+ worth of racks coming our way.
We did not spend much of anything for them.

Love warranties


Drew and Megan said...

haha thats awesome

marian said...


Rachel said...

You are lucky Stephen! Warranties are great!

Me and Jedd! said...

haha. that's great! jedd has that snowboard. we are coming to PC soon. please ride with us ;). i LOVEd riding with you last year Rosie. It's so nice to have some girl company, as much as we love our boys ;). yay for good luck and blessings! i think the Lord likes to give you little presents in little ways :)

anne.elizabeth said...

Last year, we were headed up to go skiing and the same thing happened! We locked the rack and everything and also the sudden there were snowboards rolling around on the highway behind us. So crazy!

Glad it worked out though! Nice job!