Friday, January 14, 2011


Stephen spent 9 months of his mission here, Teresopolis Brazil.
The streets look completely different then when he lived there.
Flash Floods/ Mud slides hit at three in the morning and have killed at least 540 (they haven't reached the worst part yet so death numbers will increase)
13,500 people seeking shelter and aid
He doesn't have contact with most of his friends and probably won't know if they made it.
Its always nice to know that prayers work across the world.


Jeanne and Nelson said...

That breaks my heart, Stephen's more.

marian said...

I thought the name of that city sounded familiar when I heard it on the news. So, So sad!

The Byrd Family said...

That picture of Stephen snowboarding is incredible! I didn't know about the floods in Brazil. I'll sure pray for Stephen and all the people there. Isn't it neat to know that the Church is surely there by now trying to help as many people as they can? That's reassuring.