Friday, February 11, 2011

of recent

working and playing.

1. Learning Illustrator.... (Stephen drew this)

2. Snowboarding

(Stephen throwing a double cork)

3.Taking photos and spending time with family

4. Spending lots of time with friends and saying goodbye to some....
Bye Beau have fun in Mexico!!

(ym and yws... this is yws of course
basketball has started and our teams are pretty awesome and the kids have fun.
We are also preparing for trek.)

5. Helen got us a wide angle and fish eye for Christmas for our video camera so this is us testing it out before snowboarding.iphone quality so better not to enlarge. (to lazy to wait for the hq to load)

6. My job is monotonous but its a job and the kids are cute some of the time. Also I don't have much responsibility which is great. I am grateful to have it!


marian said...

That is a psychotically awesome picture of Stephen boarding and very beautiful one of Rosie in her hood. We can't wait to see you guys next week.

Drew and Megan said...

such a cute video i want a dog! and im jealous of your new lenses those are what i want! have fun :) you guys are so awesome.

Aria said...

That's some really cool stuff you guys are doing. Basically living the life! Keep it up! great photos too. I like it when you guys update this blog.